Introduction to multi-brand billing

Multi-brand billing allows you to invoice your clients from different brands using the same installation of WHMCS. To make things easy to understand, let us make an example with a company of the automotive industry so let us assume you are the owner of FCA. FCA is a group of industries that operates in different markets using many different brands:

  • FIAT ( headquarters in Turin
  • Maserati ( headquarters in Modena
  • Alfa Romeo ( headquarters in in Turin
  • Lancia ( headquarters in Turin
  • Abarth ( headquarters in Turin
  • Chrysler ( headquarters in Michigan
  • Jeep ( headquarters in Ohio
  • Dodge ( headquarters in Auburn Hills
  • RAM Trucks ( headquarters in Auburn Hills
  • Ferrari ( headquarters in Modena

Here we have 10 brands selling products from 10 different companies and headquarters. In WHMCS, using multi-brand billing, you can reproduce the same structure for your company. You can have 10 domains, 10 invoices with variations of logo, pay to text, company name, country, independent sequential invoice number and format. Potentially you could also use 10 different payment methods and templates and sell different products on every brand with different prices. We are already planning to implement these features.

Multi-brand billing is possible thanks to an integration we made between our Billing Extension and Advanced Localisation modules in this way you can enjoy all the features that both modules offer. For example you can assign EUR currency and Italian language to your domain, USD and English for etc,. You can also have invoices that look like FIAT-2016-21, FIAT-2016-22, DODGE-2016-580, DODGE-2016-581 etc.

Please keep in mind that all your clients can be assigned to one brand at a time. When a client is assigned to FIAT ( he always receives invoices from FIAT and if he tries to place an order on Dodge, the resulting invoice will still be FIAT. The reason is that brands are assigned to clients. This not something that can be assigned to specific invoices, products, services or domains. WHMCS simply can't support this kind of modification so please don't ask for it. Clients need to register multiple accounts if they want to order and receive invoices from different brands.

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