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Simplified Invoicing

Simplified Invoicing can be enabled and disabled from Addon Modules page

In many aspects WHMCS invoicing is good even if it requires a lot of tweaks but probably the most annoying problem is that it simply generates too many invoices. Let's suppose every single day of the year a client orders an hosting package. At the end of the year prepare yourself to deal with the incredible amount of 365 invoices for a single client! WHMCS in fact generates invoices on a daily basis. This could be tedious especially if you have many customers ordering many services.

Simplified Invoicing is one of the main features of the module. It may seem complicated at first glance, but it's actually quite easy. First of all let us underline what are the benefits of this feature. It allows you to generate a maximum number of 12 invoices per year for each client instead of tens or hundreds. Let's see some examples.

 Invoice #1 01-01-2016
 Invoice #18 15-01-2016
 Invoice #20 18-01-2016
 Invoice #34 29-01-2016
 Invoice #39 31-01-2016

On january Mike paid 5 different invoices. He has no other invoices for the rest of the year.

 Invoice #13 01-01-2016
 Invoice #51 08-01-2016
 Invoice #30 25-01-2016
 Invoice #147 28-09-2016
 Invoice #190 31-12-2016

Similarly Sara paid 3 invoices in the same period but she also has other invoices on september and december.

When you enable this feature (Yes) the module starts to keep all invoices in a sort of waiting room. It doesn't break anything. WHMCS still generates proformas when services and domains are due and also when a client orders new services or register new domains. The module simply suppresses the generation of invoices when clients pay proformas. In most of countries in fact you are allowed to postpone the generation of invoice for a maximum period of 1 month. The module uses this expedient to merge multiple invoices into a single invoice on a monthly basis. In practical terms, when a client pays a proforma, instead of redirecting him immediately to the invoice, the module brings him to a page where he can find a message like this "Thank you for your payment. You will receive the invoice on the first day of the next month".

So what happens with Mike and Sara? Mike receives 1 invoice instead of 5 and Sara 3 instead of 5. Now just imagine the benefits when you apply the same mechanism to all your clients. A client that generates a total number of 100 invoices in a time span of 12 months, now generates a maximum number of 12 invoices per year which is 88% less.

This is good:

  • For you (cheaper, more control)
  • For customers (simple and clear)
  • For your accountant (quicker, easier)
  • For the environment (less paper and toner)

Invoice day

This setting can be used in conjunction with Simplified Invoicing. It allows you to define the day of the month in which you want to generate invoices. For example if you set 01, the module automatically generates invoices the first day of every month. If you want to lower even more the number of invoices per client or if you want to invoice clients completely manually, set Manual. With this option the module never generates invoices. It's up to you when you want to create invoices.

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